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Khalil Mamoon Blue Shareef (1 hose) Hookahs


Just in time for the warm summer months we've got a beautiful new Blue Khalil Mamoon Shareef hookah that will evoke relaxing days on the beach with it's deep blue finish. A blue KM is something that I've honestly never seen before. It's classic KM design and quality with a nice blue finish on the shaft and tray. This is one you'll want in your lounge and your shop. Because it's uncommon to see a colored KM hookah, be ready for many customers to strike up conversations about this interesting hookah. 

The Blue Shareef's Design

The Blue Shareef is a beautiful hookah handmade by KM with high quality stainless steel and then finished in a deep metallica blue with an electroplating process. The stem features the classic Shareef shape with flared "skirt" on the upper stem. Because of the beautiful finish, we would advise against using any harsh cleaners once it's time to clean it up. The included Khalil Mamoon base features blue stripes along with woven gold designs. The wide open hose ports that come from the hub allow for smooth airflow and the large KM hookah hose is easy to hold and long enough to comfortably lounge about or pass the hose among friends.


Smoking the Blue Shareef


Khalil Mamoon is highly regarded for producing top notch hookahs that put out great smoke sessions, and a large part of their consistent success is from the medium gauge downstems they use in the majority of their hookahs. They choose these downstems for the traditional style experience they create, similar to the hookahs you might smoke on the streets of Cairo, Egypt. Some may find that this traditional experience includes a slight restriction to the airflow, which can be easily fixed by adding a diffuser to the bottom of the downstem. This diffuser is used to greatly increase the smoothness of each and every pull, as well as to quiet the rumble noise for a whisper quiet smoke session.


The use of stainless-steel for the downstem means it is, like the exterior, rust-proof and corrosion-proof and should last as long as the rest of the hookah. On top of this, stainless-steel will never retain the powerful shisha flavor profiles smoked with the hookah. No more ghosting flavors ruining smoke sessions; one quick rinse and the Red Shareef will be rid of all flavor profiles and ready for its next smoke session.


KM Blue Shareef Specs


Height: 36" 

Shaft: Stainless steel with blue finish. 

Base: Blue striped KM Base

Bowl: Egyptian style clay bowl

Hose: KM



Khalil Mamoon Blue Shareef Hookah

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Khalil Mamoon Blue Shareef (1 hose) Hookahs. modern take on the world's most traditional hookah. 

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